I have a great deal of respect for Piet Oudolf although I think his best work is in conjunction with other designers. I think one of the most important aspects of his legacy is his promotion of how incredibly beautiful the garden can be in decline.

One of my goals is to extend the garden’s seasonal interest by offering plants that have structural appeal or bloom not just in the summer, but well into the fall as well.

A potter friend was lamenting about how difficult it is to sell brown pots and unfortunately getting people to appreciate the rustic shades of brown and gold in the late season garden seems like an uphill battle.

On some days in late fall leaving the house when the low sun in the sky backlights the garden, bringing out astonishingly rich shades of bronze, orange, gold and mahogany. One can only pause and stare in thoughtless wonder.

Like other seasons in the garden much of the beauty lies in the small details like the delicate fluffy seed heads setting themselves free. Too often I think we glance and think oh, they are finished and they were so beautiful when they were blooming; our minds are so filled it is difficult to stop and just be aware of what is happening in the moment.

– Larry Davidson