Another season has flown by and we are grateful to everyone who made 2015 a record year. The nursery has not sold [it is still up for sale] so we are pushing on to make it even better with many exciting new additions. We have managed to get the 2016
catalogue done in record time so you will have extra time to explore and make your wish lists.

The weather was certainly beneficial this season and the long, mild fall with adequate moisture was a delight especially after the last couple of years of ice storm and frigid temperatures.

Great Plants / Wonderful People

We would like to thank those people who have very generously provided us with plants, bulbs, seeds, and cuttings. They have greatly helped to expand the quality and diversity of the nursery.

Among those we would like to thank are Kirk Zufelt, Marion Jarvie, Barrie Porteous, Elizabeth Knowles, Paul Ehnes, Anna Leggat, Roger Inglis, and Merle Burston. I don’t think it is any coincidence that these are some of the best gardeners in this part of the world.

We are always looking for new plants and if you have something you think we would
be interested in, please let us know.