Lost Horizons is for sale.

Watch this video tour of the nursery and it’s history – interviews with owners Larry Davidson and Evita Schvallbe. It includes wonderful commentary from Globe & Mail columnist and garden writer Marjorie Harris, and with Paul Zammit, Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden.

Our plants

The plants offered by Lost Horizons range from old cottage garden favourites to delicate alpines to native plants. Many have been sourced and collected from around the world. A few horticultural thugs are listed — unmasked — but even they serve as useful groundcovers in restricted situations. The range of difficulty runs from easy to difficult (but not impossible). Gardeners tend to move from easier plants to ever-increasing challenges. Gardening can certainly be an intellectual as well as a physical challenge. There may be temporary setbacks, but they double our resolve to try again — in a different spot, in different soil.

Locally grown & pesticide free

We love to find new plants, we love to grow plants, we love to propagate plants, we love to sell plants. Almost everything is now container grown. We are using a coarse, heavy mix to grow in; our experience is that it produces a coarser root system and therefore develops a better plant for transplanting. In a peat mix, one ends up with a solid block of very fine roots. This can lead to problems, especially if the plant is placed in a clay soil; the roots tend to drown or to dry into an impervious lump. We guarantee our plants to be true to name and to leave here in good condition. If you have a problem shortly after picking up your plants we are willing to discuss it but it is your responsibility to provide the conditions they require. Even drought tolerant plants need adequate moisture until they are established.

Gardening as a process

EchinaceaAll of this brings to mind the saying “Been there, killed that”! Joseph Haldas takes the view that it wasn’t the plant that caused difficulty, but rather the ability of the gardener. Plants come and go; some overstep their boundaries, some completely surprise us. Of all features of a garden, foliage is one of the most significant; the interplay of sizes, forms, textures, and colours creates much of the magic while flowers bloom and fade, providing fleeting highlights to this background. Perhaps the best thing about gardening is that it is an ever-changing, never-ending process.

Plant availability

We are a small independent business, and we can not guarantee that all of the plants listed on our site or in our catalogue are available at all times. Many of these plants are in short supply, and we have no control over losses due to weather conditions. Thanks for your understanding.