I was asked recently about my thoughts on this year’s gardening trends. The idea of “gardening trends” is a sore point for me.

Why Garden?

Gardening gives people a chance to look inward and make their own decisions and create something that reflects their personality. It seems to me that gardening is one of the easiest and most endearing ways to be creative.

It’s important to note that gardening is a never ending process. Gardens are alive and always growing and changing, and can always be improved and added to.

The Push To Be “In”

New garden ideas and information about new plants are worthwhile, but the push to be ‘in’ by marketers is only another sad aspect of consumerism. I find it frustrating that gardeners will listen to marketers so they can be in fashion.

We chose the plants we sell – whether they are rare or common –  because we like them and think they are garden worthy plants. We have many plants that are fabulous but are not huge sellers but we continue to offer them wondering if their turn will come.

Hidden Gems

An example is the blue corydalis. Years ago there was a lot of excitement about the discovery and introduction of Corydalis flexuosa from China. We imported some from England and were burned by receiving miniscule one stemmed plants that in the end proved not very suitable for our climate.

Then we planted our one specimen of ‘Wildside Blue’ that we brought back from Keith Wiley’s garden in Somerset, England. We soon realized that it was a spectacular plant that thrives here.

Materials to Create Your Own Masterpiece

At Lost Horizons we do our best to to provide the widest range of plants suitable to all growing situations. We provide you with a diversity of plant materials to create your own masterpiece – one that can be rewarding to many other creatures besides yourself. We do our best to trial plants and grow in a sustainable way with no winter heat or pesticides.

Now Open – Come and Visit

Now that we are open for the 2017 season, we hope you will come and wander through the nursery soon to discover an old friend or something new.

Maybe you’ll be like Liza, who wrote in a recent Facebook review that she has become “addicted to species I did not even know of “.