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Download the 2020 Catalogue (.pdf)

We will be opening in early May for pick up orders only. Please note we are not able to ship plants by mail.


We cannot guarantee that all of the plants listed in the catalogue are in stock at all times. Many of the rare plants are in short supply and popular varieties sell out quickly. Stock availability can be affected by losses due to weather conditions.

Update on the 2020 season

We apologize for the delay in posting what is happening at the nursery. New owners were supposed to take over on May 1st but ten days before closing they backed out. We are now scrambling to update the website and establish a method for people to order plants.

Summer Sale!

30% off all nursery stock until August 31st - except hardy orchids, 10% off

We’re coming into the best time of the year to plant perennials and woodies. In fall the air temperature may be cooling off but the soil is warm and roots will continue to grow and become established before the snow flies.

Another great reason to plant in fall: Big savings on special plants! All of our nursery stock (with the exception of hardy orchids) are 30% off until August 31st.

Make the drive to Lost Horizons before August 31st. It’s worth it!

Cypripediums Have Arrived from Germany

cypripedium sale

Cultivated Cypripediums (Lady’s Slipper orchids) are easy to grow in the garden under the right conditions. They prefer cool, shady sites (such as the north side of a building) that don’t dry out.

They look great in combination with slow-growing ferns, epimediums, and small hostas.

Download planting and care instructions here

Please note:
It is never ok to dig up orchids from the wild. The symbiotic microbes that wild orchids depend on do not tolerate disturbance so they won’t survive in your garden. Enjoy them when you see them in their natural habitat and buy cultivars from a reputable nursery.